Envestio Scam

Kuetzal is a Scam. Envestio is Gone… What to do?

Last Monday I traveled to London for a conference… and Jesus! What a hell is happening in the Baltics?

Simple to explain:

  • Criminal Activity…
  • Bad Management;
  • Bad Business Model;
  • Buyback run by investors… PUM!!!

So, Kuetzal is a criminal scam. Pressure built around Envestio and now the platform is gone. All other platforms that follow a similar business model are currently under pressure. Monethera and Wisefund decided to temporarily cancel buyback options to calm down investors… but questions arise from everywhere and everyone knows what will happen, as soon people can take their money out.

Find out more about Envestio destruction process:

Lukas from Finance Freedom blog

Radoslav Gatev from GatevNotes blog

What should you do now?

Step 1 – Collect Evidence

We need to prove to authorities that this is a crime, not an investment that went wrong. Collect any element you are able to demonstrate criminal activity.

  • Information about all your deposits;
  • Bank statements;
  • Loan agreements;
  • Any proof of your account operations…

You can request to add the information here: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1GJEj-2f9ENcMQ__LQpqAkyccKzc-w1_H

Step 2 – Join the Collective Lawsuit

Please add your information details here to join the community efforts to get a proper police investigation.

Join here to be up to date: https://forms.gle/F2Tk8MBaBjiUvAeC9

Step 3 – Contact the Estonian and Latvian Police

Make sure you present a complain to the police authorities with all the information you have available.

Estonia: https://www.politsei.ee/en/submitting-a-crime-report
Email: [email protected]

Latvia: http://www.vp.gov.lv/?id=144&said=144

Also, make sure to join Telegram “EnvestioDiscussion” and FB group named “United Investors of Envestio“. There are a lot of investors out there, just like us and those are the best options to keep informed.

Envestio Scam

Further updates

As more information rises from the ashes, I will be making constant updates to this article.

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