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Last Update (01.09.2019)

Housers is a real estate P2P crowdfunding investment platform based in Spain. It allows investments in real estate projects located in Spain, Italy, and Portugal and earn up to 10% per year in interest.

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Housers Fees and Taxes

Crucial notes: Housers charges a fee of 10% of your profits! In addition, Housers deducts taxes of your profits automatically. The deduction amount depends on investors’ and developers’ fiscal residence, with huge implications on your returns. To continue, Housers does not offer any buyback guarantees.

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Housers Account Update

Investment Start Date: August 2019

Total Deposits: 50,00€ (October 2019)

Asset Value: 100,32€ (October 2019) 

Housers Quick Overview

Available to the public since January 2016, Housers expanded to Italy and Portugal in 2017. The founders are Tono Brusola and Alvaro Luna and its CEO is Juan A. Balcazar. The company has registered offices in Madrid, Valencia, Milano, and Lisbon.

Housers is supervised and regulated by the Spanish CNMV financial market supervisory authority and uses Lemon Way as a third-party payment institution (like a PayPal system), registered in France and authorized by the ACPR – Banque de France, in which investors hold a segregated account. This means that investors money is held separately from each other and Housers’s funds, which will make things run easier for investors in the case of a future turmoil like a bankruptcy.

The minimum deposit and investment required are €50, accepting worldwide individual investors (with the exceptions presented below) and legal entities.

Exceptions: Afghanistan, Barbados, Belarus, Burma, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bosnia, Burundi, Korea, Egipt, United Arab Emirates, Ethiopia, United States of America, Guatemala, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libia, Macau, Mali, Mongolia, Namibia, Panama, Central African Republic, Congo, Russia, Samoa, Somalia, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela or Yémen.

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Housers Quick Platform Review

Creating a Housers investor account only took a few minutes, however, the experience to start investing was confusing, especially in comparison with other Real Estate P2P crowdlending investment platforms in the market. Registration demanded a lot of different interfaces and the platform requires a lot of navigation in order to understand how it works.

The platform offers three main types of investments: Buy-to-letBuy-to-sell and Development loans.

Housers Scoring

Housers analyses and rates every project from A to G, being A the safest and G the riskiest. An opportunity with a score of A or B represents a minor risk but also a lower annual yield, common to most of the buy-to-let opportunities. Buy-to-sell and development loans normally stay between C and G rating.

The key factors Housers considers when scoring is:  location, project developer’s experience, sale price, construction, valuation price, big data price, financial ratios, working capital, credit capacity models, and guarantees.

Analysis TopicPersonal Take
Type of Loans @ Savings4Freedom

Type of Loans Available

Real Estate
Interest Rate @ Savings4Freedom

Average Interest Rate 

Buyback guarantee @ Savings4Freedom

Buyback / Secured Loans

Early Exit @ Savings4Freedom

Early Exit / Secondary Market

Yes (through the direct communication channel (DCC or CCD)
Autoinvest Feature @ Savings4Freedom

Auto Invest Feature

Not available yet
Control over loans @ Savings4Freedom

Control over Loans Invested

Yes, you choose
Money Drag @ Savings4Freedom

Money Drag

Hidden Fees @ Savings4Freedom

Hidden Fees

Yes (10% fee on profits)
Loan Duration @ Savings4Freedom

Loan Duration

12 months to 3 years
Report Quality @ Savings4Freedom

Reporting Tool

Medium Quality
User Experience @ Savings4Freedom

User Experience

Low Quality
Sign up bonus @ Savings4Freedom

Sign-up Bonus

In case you employ my referral link to invest in Housers you earn 25€ in cash bonus one month after your initial €50 investment, and you can join the refer a friend program. You need to invest the bonus amount in Housers
Evaluation @ Savings4Freedom

Overall Evaluation


My Housers Account

Housers Account @ Savings4Freedom

Housers Income Graph

Housers Returns @ Savings4Freedom

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