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TFGcrowd Quick Platform Review

Last Update (01.01.2020)


I added TFGcrowd to my portfolio in September 2019. My initial impressions are positive. It is a P2P platform with high-interest rates and a catch associated with buyback guarantees that I will share below.

TFGcrowd is a P2P platform where I still have mixed feelings. Exactly as Crowdestor, TFGcrowd will not assume a relevant place for now on my portfolio, since it does not offer a buyback guarantee. TFGcrowd just has available a provision fund that is far from covering any project individually. Right now the value of the buyback fund is €104,000.00 (a ridiculous amount is you want more save investments).

TFGcrowd announced during November their Buyback Guarantee EXTRA. How that works?

  • This buyback guarantee is provided directly from TFGcrowd funds (not the Buyback Funds or the Loan Originator’s funds);
  • In case any of the borrowers of the projects currently open for investments on our platform defaults by 31st December 2020, TFGcrowd will secure repayment of the nominal value of the outstanding loan plus accrued interest income from their own funds. All investors will be compensated proportionately to their investments in a particular project;
  • It is deemed that a borrower has defaulted if the repayment of the particular loan is delayed by more than 60 days.

This is just another way to say that TFGcrowd will guarantee the investor funds, but if everything goes wrong, and TFGcrowd goes bankrupt, nothing will guarantee your money.

I will need to research further, but the reality described above marks any deposit I make in TFGcrowd in the same manner as in Crowdestor: my speculative investments on the Savings4Freedom portfolio.

The projects are interesting, based in the UK, that currently are facing some problems among their P2P lending platforms, but these particular projects look well structured and with good business rational. The interest rate is also relevant for the comparison and TFGcrowd does not come bad as well in that particular metric.

TFGcrowd clearly needs to improve some of the platform capabilities to provide visibility over repayment to investors. I’m curious to learn how the platform will evolve in the future.

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TFGcrowd Account Update

Investment Start Date: September 2019

Total Deposits: 1.829,46€ (Dec 2019)

Asset Value: 1.901,59€ (Dec 2019)

Creating a TFGcrowd investor account only took a few minutes. Registration is straightforward and the platform is very easy to navigate. Since the number of investors is still growing there is no need to keep money drag. The projects are kept open for a significant period of time, but you receive interest since the moment you invest.

Analysis TopicPersonal Take
Type of Loans @ Savings4Freedom

Type of Loans Available

Real Estate | Business
Interest Rate @ Savings4Freedom

Average Interest Rate 

Buyback guarantee @ Savings4Freedom

Buyback / Secured Loans

No. Buyback fund available. Temporary platform buyback is available.
Early Exit @ Savings4Freedom

Early Exit / Secondary Market

Autoinvest Feature @ Savings4Freedom

Auto Invest Feature

Not available yet
Control over loans @ Savings4Freedom

Control over Loans Invested

Yes, you choose
Money Drag @ Savings4Freedom

Money Drag

Hidden Fees @ Savings4Freedom

Hidden Fees

Loan Duration @ Savings4Freedom

Loan Duration

3 months to 2 years
Report Quality @ Savings4Freedom

Reporting Tool

Medium Quality
User Experience @ Savings4Freedom

User Experience

Medium Quality
Sign up bonus @ Savings4Freedom

Sign-up Bonus

No bonus for new investors, but you can create your TFGcrowd account using my referral link and support the blog this way. Thank you!
Evaluation @ Savings4Freedom

Overall Evaluation


I don’t believe to be far to compare TFGcrowd with other P2P platforms that state full buyback guarantees, such as Wisefund, Envestio, or Monethera. But we should compare it with Crowdestor. It is great to see interesting projects, with good descriptions. I would like to have additional financial details to truly assess and estimate the risk and make a more informed decision to invest.

TFGcrowd Cashback & Bonus

No bonus for new investors, but you can create your TFGcrowd account using my referral link and support the blog this way. Thank you!

My TFGcrowd Account

TFGcrowd Account @ Savings4Freedom

TFGcrowd Income Graph

TFGcrowd Returns @ Savings4Freedom

TFGcrowd Asset Value Graph

TFGcrowd Assets @ Savings4Freedom

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