Portfolio Update: December 2018

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Hello Savings4Freedom friends!

For the first time I’m sharing my monthly update.

I will try to offer you these updates on the 1st day of every month. The idea is to provide you with a transparent manner to check my monthly returns and the cumulative results of my investments.

Over the next month I will work to improve the blog layout and structure. I welcome any suggestions you may have to enhance how the information is presented. If you are here for the first time, please check out the other pages on the blog and let me know your opinion. Thank you for your support!

Without further due, let’s check the results.

Prior notes:

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December 2018

PlatformInvested (€)Month Return (€)Asset Profit (€)Asset Value (€)
VIVENTOR 7.556,85 65,31 508,46 8.065,31


I started my P2P Lending investments with Viventor on March 2018. It was my positive experience with Viventor that opened my interest to explore other crowdlending platforms driving me to this moment. Until now all the invested projects pay on time and the Auto Invest feature is great, making this a truly passive income source.


I’m not looking to my GoldDirect assets as an investment, but as a very long term savings leverage agains inflation. Maybe I’m wrong, but looking across history, Gold was always consider a valuable commodity that someone will accept as exchange for goods or services. For me, GoldDirect works as insurance for my retirement. Let me know your ideas about this topic and what is your position regarding Gold as an asset.


This is my completely speculative investment. After the crazy period of December 2017 and Q1 2018 that catapult crypto coins to crazy values, now more than 80% of that value disappeared. I’m curious of what this reality means to the ecosystem and how the industry will adjust to this new reality. I look at this as worst that high risk. I used Coinbase to invest 20€ and lost more than 3/4 of that value… in the near future I will buy some more and forget that money. I like the Coinbase platform and how easy it is to purchase and follow the evolution of the asset over time, but hate the fact that you pay for each transaction. 🙂 I don’t know what the future reserves for Crypto, but I’m curious to know the results of this decision.

What is your opinion on the future of Crypto? Let me know!


Mintos was my second P2P Lending platform. Since I opened my account in May 2018 taking advantage of a money-back campaign, I consistently added funds there. Even if because of the campaign my returns were higher during the first 2 months of investments, I can share that my Mintos experience is very good. Even if in some months I had some cash drag, now that issue seams solved and the Auto Invest feature is great. I tried the secondary market once, resulting in the existing default on my Mintos portfolio. 🙂 I will not repeat the experience.


I opened my Grupeer account in August 2018. Since then I’m very impressed with the platform and the returns. Until now all the invested projects pay on time. The only limitation I see is the impossibility to sell your position, but I really only have positive things to say about Grupeer.

They recently release a very helpful White Paper on Peer-to-Peer Lending for people looking to start investing. Contact me in case you what to discuss details or get a copy.


Envestio is my most recent platform and I’m really impressed with the interest rates until now. I only have made two investments and they don’t offer the Auto Invest feature I’m always looking for, but with Buyback guarantee and high returns, I’m sure Envestio will be a strong part of my portfolio in the future.


Bulkestate is pure real-estate investment. Even if the interest rates are high, there are two elements that limit my interest in increasing my deposits: a) not being able to sell my position; b) the investment and interest only return to my account in the end of the investment cycle. I’m waiting a little to see how my first investment results prior to increase my deposits on Bulkestate.

Building the Blog

I truly enjoy the buildup process of the blog until now. Being the first portfolio update, I don’t have much to show, but that will definably change over the next few months. I will open accounts in three more P2P lending platforms (ReInvest24, EstateGuru and Bondora) with 100€ each to start, evaluate these additional alternatives and share my opinion over time.

I will also work on the blog layout and structure to improve it’s quality and add a Review page to share my opinion on each platform. I will try to share my input over one of the platforms every month.

This is all about December!

Please feel free to contact me over email [email protected] and share your opinion, comments or suggestions on how I can improve the blog or my investments! I’m looking forward to join in conversation with you!

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