Portfolio Update: April 2019

Hi Savings4Freedom friends!

February was a specially painful month for me. The loss of a very important family member is always a defining moment in everyones life… apologies for not publishing last months report. I updated all information on the blog over time, but not a post… thank you for understanding.

Live goes on and here is the April 2019 S4F report.

A few things I want to highlight:

Prior notes:

In order to transfer funds to my accounts I employ TransferWise.

My Top 5 personal P2P platform choices from April:

1 – Envestio (~16% returns, enterprise loans, secured debt);
2 – Robocash (~14% returns, micro loans, automated, buyback guarantee);
3 – Grupeer (~13% returns, multiple loans, buyback guarantee but no possibility to sell);
4 – FastInvest (~13% returns, consumer loans, buyback guarantee);
5 – Mintos (~11% returns, multiple loans, buyback guarantee).

Envestio is my top choice right now, even if they currently don’t provide a auto-invest feature. Since the number of investors in Envestio is growing, I have the need to have money available in my account to be able to invest, but since January it is clearly my platform of choice.

Robocash jumped right to the 2nd place of my list mainly due to offering a true automated loan investment process almost without my intervention, excluding the definition of the auto-invest criteria.

Grupeer jumped to 3rd place due to good returns and a growing number of lending opportunities with good returns. The negative comment I have until now of Grupeer is the impossibility to sell your loans in case you want to exit the investment.

FastInvest just launched a new platform interface that really increased the user experience. I’m still exploring the platform, but I can only share a positive impression until now.

Mintos drop to the 5th position because since the beginning of the year I experienced some cash dragging. Due to being one of the most popular P2P lending platforms, with good returns, a great auto invest feature and good offer of short to mid-term loans, Mintos is under pressure to keep up offers to a growing community.

Learn more about my investments here: My Portfolio