Portfolio Update: May 2019

5 - May - Très Riches Heures du duc de Berry Hi Savings4Freedom friends! May was a consolidation month, looking to better understand how to manage my P2P investments and maximize their potential. I’m especially proud for finally being able to present you with a dedicated page where I compare the multiple P2P lending platforms I have accounts on. 10 - Evaluation

Compare P2P Lending Platforms

Since the number is growing in a significant way, there is a need to quickly compare and share my honest opinion. Please feel free to offer your input on the comments box or contact me directly. P2P_Conference_Riga2019 I’m really happy to travel this week to Riga to join and meet other P2P crowdfunding enthusiasts for the first European conference. It will be a wonderful opportunity to learn, meet with platform representatives and open a direct dialogue with other investors. But, without any further due, let’s see the numbers! A few things I want to highlight:
Prior notes: In order to transfer funds to my accounts, I use TransferWise. My Top 5 personal P2P platform choices from May: 1 – Kuetzal (~19% returns, real estate & business loans, partial buyback guarantee); 2 – Envestio (~16% returns, business loans, secured debt); 3 – FastInvest (~13% returns, consumer loans, buyback guarantee); 4 – Grupeer (~13% returns, multiple loans, buyback guarantee but no possibility to sell); 2 – Robocash (~12% returns, microloans, automated, buyback guarantee).

Portfolio Update May 2019

You can see real screenshots of my accounts and my review of the platforms checking my P2P platforms portfolio page. 201905_Investments_Portfolio

Next Steps

I will start publishing information on my native language: Portuguese. I’m still exploring how to best do that…

This is all about May!

Please feel free to contact me over email [email protected] and share your opinion, comments or suggestions on how I can improve the blog or the investment strategy. I’m looking forward to joining in a conversation with you! If you enjoyed this post, please hit the like button below and/or share it with your friends. Thanks for the support!

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